All About Steve

Well known as a professional wildlife photographer/guide, Steve’s work has appeared in countless publications, including National Geographic magazines and books, National Wildlife Publications, The New York Times, and as a major contributor to the photo collection of the World Wildlife Fund. Steve has written numerous magazine articles on the subjects of both travel and nature photography. He is the author of The Traveling Nature Photographer, which has been acclaimed as a must have for anyone who travels, and is interested in photography. Steve’s experiences in both guiding and photography have taken him to much of the world including both Polar Regions, all of North, Central, and most of South America, much of Africa, Svalbard, Iceland, and Borneo. When Steve is not working on photo projects, he is a photo instructor for Lindblad / National Geographic Expeditions.

Steve has had a long and colorful career in the natural history world. Born in New Jersey, he was lucky to be able to summer on the shores of Cape Cod. Whether it was exploring the tidal pools, snorkeling along the beach, or hiking in the dunes, it all came together to instill in him a deep connection to the natural world. It was no surprise that he would return to the Cape as a whale researcher in his adult years. It was on the Cape that Steve first became involved in guiding, and for fifteen years acted as naturalist on whale watching boats in the Gulf of Maine. Steve worked with groups creating environmental education material for school programs and soon found another one of his passions, photography. Steve then set his sights on the rest of the world and was one of the founding partners of Natural Habitat Adventures a wildlife adventure company. Over his more than twenty years at Nat Hab he traveled extensively around the planet, guiding and photographing the wonders he experienced. He also developed guide training programs in the United States, Peru, Tanzania, and the Canadian Arctic, helping locals in the development of sustainable tourism.

Although now a photographer more than anything else, he still stays active in the research field and is on the Board of Directors of the Alaskan Whale Foundation, where he assists on research of the whales of Southeast Alaska. Steve is also working with Dr Andy Szabo of AWF on a new project off the coast of Peru where sustainable tourism, scientists, and local fishermen will be working together to conserve a newly created marine sanctuary.